Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Greater Consciousness and Reality

The greater consciousness is splintered into innumerable faucets of being through which it is free to explore and express its own potential. These faucets are continually and simultaneously forming as expressions of mind, building upon themselves into creations of greater and greater organized complexity for greater and greater forms of experience.

The greater consciousness is the creative center from which all of reality arises. From this center has emerged the design of an ordered understanding.

There are many levels and variations of conscious beingness. For instance, human consciousness is a particular variation of being that is distinct from the consciousness of an animal. Similarly, different species of animals have variations in their states of consciousness. Plants are another variation of conscious being, much less complex than humans or animals. In turn, cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic structures are all variations of conscious being. Aside from these, there are other levels as well, which include planets, star systems, galaxies, universes, etc. Each variation exists at a certain level of consciousness, corresponding to its evolutionary complexity. Subatomic particles exist at a very low level, while atoms, molecules, cells, plants, insects and animals all exist at respectively higher levels. Consciousness is in its simplest form at the lowest level, and in its most complex at the highest level.

Each of these variations of consciousness stems from the same greater consciousness, of which they are an inherently part. They are all creative expressions of the greater consciousness and they have become manifest into being through the directed energy of mind. Remember that quantum physics has shown that the physical properties of matter are compelled to arise through the act of observation, and in this act, we are applying consciousness to our surroundings. The consciousness within the atoms and stars that gives them their life force and allows them to collapse into physical existence before us is initiated by our attention to them.

The simplest constructs of matter are established through the most elementary rules of order required. Once a construct has been created through the establishment of its expressive pattern, it is able to sustain itself without any further conscious attention applied, being carried by the automatic responses of the deeper subconscious. In this way, the rhythmic cycles that underlie all physical processes are established and a continuous interweaving of patterns is given expression in a multitude of forms.

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