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Creating the UFO Enigma

We discussed in earlier chapters how we create our reality as we go along, and we cited as examples the discovery of neutrinos and the discovery of the planet Neptune. It is not too unreasonable, then, to apply this same hypothesis to the UFO enigma, and to consider the phenomena surrounding it in terms of reality in the making.

The most significant factor in this hypothesis is that of belief, in that what is manifested as physically real is what is predominantly accepted and believed as such. In the case of UFOs and all the various details and events that surround the issue – in particular, the variety of differences in accounts, as well as the variety of similarities between them – we see a commonly accepted understanding slowly taking on more and more objective, physical characteristics while the underlying experiences and beliefs surrounding these characteristics are still not fully or uniformly accepted and therefore not able to be fully and clearly explained scientifically. UFOs, and ETs in particular, are still not understood or even believed in well enough or in the same terms by a large enough segment of the population to allow greater objective evidence to arise other than what a small percent of us have experienced.

In considering this, we should remember that although most of us have never actually seen a neutrino, or the planet Neptune, we still accept them as real. Their existence was established based on a uniform understanding amongst those experiencing their effects more directly, as well as amongst the general population. In the case of UFOs and alien beings, however, the issue is quite a bit more complex for a number of reasons.

First of all, there is a great deal of doubt and skepticism irrespective of witness accounts to the contrary. The majority of this doubt and skepticism stems from those we normally respect the authority of and trust to tell us what we should believe. Unfortunately, these authorities have had a huge negative effect on the beliefs of the greater population in this regard, and this has caused a lot of minds to be made up before any proper consideration of the facts are even made. In spite of this, however, the strength of the beliefs of those who have experienced the strange events involved in UFO phenomena, and those who have heard their detailed accounts and who tend to believe them, offer the basis for an emerging reality to take shape on the strength of their somewhat misaligned but otherwise strong positive beliefs.

Second, because these events are not clearly understood in the same way by different people, and the fact that the experiences and events that take place are often quite different from one another to the point of causing some confusion between them, the manifestation of this emerging reality is slow in presenting itself in a clearly defined and understandable manner that fits into any one particular framework. Because of this, we continue to hear of details that confound our attempts to come to an understanding that can encompass all of these details within a single, uniform explanation.

There are some aspects of the UFO enigma that are generally uniform in the majority of accounts, but many more aspects that are not so uniform and which are perhaps causing an overload of secondary information that is making it seemingly impossible to come to any clear understanding at all. This might perhaps be the effect of divergent belief systems manifesting different types of events. What is happening in spite of this, however, is that certain aspects are becoming more predominant at the same time that other already predominant aspects are becoming more similar – even though these latter are not yet all identical. We see this in the descriptions of UFOs, in the physical characteristics of the aliens, in the manner of abduction events, in the technologies used, etc.

The very last aspect we may ever come to understand is that of the ultimate meaning and purpose of these events. As we have already learned in previous chapters, meaning is derived from order, and so we are not going to be able to understand the meaning and purpose of the UFO enigma until we can put it into some sort of order. To consider what that purpose might be is far to early to determine at this point, and since each of us has our own ideas about the matter that differ from those of others, the meaning and purpose of the events surrounding this subject may come to be quite varied. As it currently appears, we may find that we are dealing with multiple phenomena that are at variance in their meaning and purpose, yet hold many similarities between them.

In coming to a point where we clearly understand UFOs and the events that surround them, we are, in effect, deciding on the underlying order that will apply in support of their physical reality. As we come to work out what is to be accepted as the facts surrounding this matter, we bring it more into reality. Not very long ago, for instance, it was commonly believed that we were the only intelligent species in the entire universe. Today, however, almost everybody is, at the very least, open to the possibility that there is other intelligent life out there and that we are probably not so unique as we once thought. We changed our belief regarding this issue when we came to an understanding about our universe and ourselves that allowed for the probability of other intelligent life to exist as well. As with the neutrino, however, most of us have never directly experienced evidence of its existence and have no real need to. Our science tells us that it would be next to impossible for any spacecraft to travel the immense distances between our solar system and any other, so the likelihood of us being visited is considered by most people to be essentially nil. However, several of the current cutting-edge theories regarding quantum mechanics offer the possible means for such distances to be traversed almost instantaneously, so the possibility of alien visitation is not a dead issue as yet. And so the possibilities and impossibilities of such issues are hashed out as the necessary order that will allow it to be a reality is drawn up into a cohesive picture that matches the accepted facts.

We see in all of this the development of our reality as we work towards an acceptable understanding of the various separate events that have been categorized as UFO related. However, because this subject is not being openly approached in any official capacity by any government or other institution of authority, we are finding that the understandings being reached are remaining greatly individuated among the population. Because of this, the entire issue is coming to necessitate an understanding that is very complexly constructed, and which will certainly not be nearly as simple to understand as the existence of a neutrino, or even of the planet Neptune. Without some form of commonly accepted authority to lead the majority of minds, our beliefs regarding the UFO enigma may very well form into separate aspects of reality. For instance, it may unfold that we are being visited by beings from other planets, as well as from other dimensions, rather than just from one or the other. We must remember here that it is all a matter of how we choose to conceptualize it. At one time, the atom was conceptualized as the smallest possible piece of matter, but now it is conceptualized as a conglomeration of still smaller pieces. The events taking place, although categorized as UFO related, can become subdivided in any way that we might imagine. This includes a possible division between extraterrestrial and interdimensional phenomena occurring within the field of ufology.

And there are still other divisions that might be made as well in this area, such as that these events do not stem from extraterrestrial or interdimensional visitations at all, but are completely terrestrial in origin. It only takes an imagination to conceive how another intelligence might have always been sharing our planet, unbeknownst to us, and has perhaps been hidden away in the cavernous depths beneath our feet, where they have developed technologically in ways and by means that we could not at this point fully comprehend. The category of where these UFO phenomena stem from is thus still wide open to conjecture, and before we come to any conclusions, there may be still other possibilities that will arise that will cause us to think still further outside the box of our current scientific framework, and by this act complexify the matter even further before any clear determinations can be made.

We are finding in the studies of the UFO enigma that other, previously unrelated phenomena, such as poltergeist activity, Sasquatch sightings, psychic activity, etc., are coming to be more and more often directly related. This may very well be due to our unconscious need to hold reality together rather than to allow it to become too disparate in its various anomalies. This is not to say that these different types of events are actually unrelated and only seem to be so in our minds, but rather that the underlying creative aspect of our emerging reality is forming these different types of events into a more uniform and all-encompassing understanding. The relationships between these otherwise separate types of phenomena are being realized only much later than when the individual phenomena first begin to crop up. For instance, poltergeist activity was occurring for centuries on its own before it was ever found to also be related to UFO activity. It is similar with the sightings of Sasquatches and other strange creatures that have reportedly been seen over the years. These separate phenomena first arose without any connection between them, but are now beginning to manifest together, bringing them into a sort of uniformity of order that will eventually allow us to come to understand them all together in relative terms.

We must realize that nothing about our reality is ever absolute, and that because of this there will always be new phenomena to marvel at, and which will continually draw us towards greater understanding while at the same time creating further mysteries for us to explore. Whether we are creating these mysteries from out of our imaginations is not the issue, because all that was once a mystery was subjected to the imagination before it was ever demystified. This is how the process of creation works. The real question behind any such mystery is: where will it take us, and how will it affect us? With regard to simpler issues, such as with the discovery of the neutrino or the planet Neptune, these are simple enough questions to answer, and do not threaten to affect us in any marked way, and so these things are easily understood and accepted as real. With the UFO enigma, however, the potentials are far greater, and with so many separate and divergent minds contemplating the issue, as many possibilities are likely to unfold as potential realities.

That all of the divergent types of phenomena that have continued to mystify human minds for centuries (and UFOs have been no less witnessed throughout history than any other phenomena) continue to manifest in a somewhat similar fashion but remain sporadic in their occurrences and their characteristics difficult to pin down in concrete terms suggests that these are all creations emanating from a collective unconscious need or desire to evolve in a certain direction that these phenomena are effectively leading us. Of course, we do not necessarily mean here our own physical evolution, for these phenomena indicate a potential evolution of consciousness itself, being more subjective than objective to the greater population, and only slowly developing into an objective reality where they are accepted as such. More than even that, however, these phenomena indicate a potential evolution of reality itself.

It must be understood that although many people in the greater population may accept that UFOs are as real as they have often been described to be, these same people do not necessarily expect that they themselves will ever experience such a phenomenon. Therefore, the energy of their belief in such phenomena has no outlet within the environment of these people, and instead accumulates in an etheric state, so to speak, until someone somewhere else who both believes and expects to witness such an event, does so through the quantum wave collapse of this energy state into a physical manifestation.

It must also be understood that what we refer to today as UFO sightings and alien contacts have occurred throughout history, but perhaps not always being defined or otherwise thought about in quite the same way as we do now. The descriptions in the Bible of angels, when considered outside of any religious interpretation, sound very much like some of the alien visitors (or Men in Black) we hear about today. Similarly, when the presence of the Lord is described, it is incredibly similar to the description of a modern day spacecraft. The Book of Ezekiel in particular gives a very detailed description of what, to our modern understanding, can only have been a spacecraft.

That the earliest recorded manifestations have many similar characteristics to what we still witness today is not as unusual as it might seem, and these similarities may be due to any number of things, but the fact that they continually arise encourages us to consider a wider variety of possibilities as we work towards greater understanding. These similarities arise where we perceive order, and that perceived order will develop further and come to define the facts behind this current enigma until a mutually accepted reality surrounding it equates to its physical materialization.

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