Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooperation and the Laws of Physics

There is a cooperative nature among all the apparently separated things that we perceive as aspects of reality. The laws of physics are what we use to define this cooperation. Without such consistent cooperation, there would be no sustained order among all the subatomic particles that make up physical matter, and physical laws would not be universal throughout the space and time.

It seems to be very obvious that quantum entanglement, which sets correlations between particles, is also the mechanism that creates and sustains the underlying cooperation between particles to follow these physical laws. Such correlation would have been set prior to the theoretical Big Bang event, when all of matter occupied the same location as a singularity and was therefore entangled. Since the entanglement of particles continues forever once they first correlate to each other, this early entanglement within the singularity would persist from that point on and into the present. It makes sense that through this entanglement that was set at the point of singularity, all particles continue to have encoded within them the basic rules that make up the fundamental laws of physics.

To understand this more clearly, we must understand that the initial particles that formed out of the singularity, although they do not exist forever, are absorbed back into the quantum field when they finally dissipate, and it is from this field that other particles will arise in turn. The quantum field retains the information contained in the particles that it absorbs, and since all of the initial particles have been entangled with respect to their fundamental properties, these properties will be reflected in any further particles that arise out of it. The properties that define the underlying physical laws that govern all particles are therefore passed on to newly arising particles.

A consideration of auto-response behaviors in living organisms show that as we repeat a patterned action it moves from being a conscious action to being a subconscious action, becoming automatic. It should also be noted that this auto-response behavior is more prevalent the lower we go on the evolutionary scale. At levels below that of living organisms, such as with molecules and atoms, these auto-responses are all that is possible. The motions and predictable reactions of energy that make up the final physical structure of reality are enacted through these auto-response activities. Such activity of ‘inanimate’ matter is sustained in its existence by the auto-responsive and rhythmic nature of the subconscious at its extreme depths.

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